Baking soda toothpaste – The quick way to whiten your teeth

baking soda toothpaste

Baking soda toothpaste is the best product to you can use to use if you want to take care of your teeth. It acts as an alternative to standard and conventional toothpastes, which have many drawbacks such teeth and gum damaging.

Research shows that the uses of these normal toothpastes do not necessarily help clean the teeth properly, a more reason why you need to give much of your attention to baking soda as toothpaste.

There are three good reasons why you should use it as an alternative to normal toothpastes.

  • It is the best bacteria killer.
  • It does not harm the enamel as it lifts the pH value of the saliva reduced by the bacteria and lastly.
  • It is a high quality teeth washer.


Baking soda toothpaste recipe

Baking soda toothpaste recipeHaving a baking soda toothpaste recipe will help you proportionate the amount to use. You will have to put this into practice after every meal.

You may follow the below recipe:

– 2/3 of baking soda. Ensure you have about four tablespoon of lake salt in the ingredient.
– You may also want to give the paste an extra scrubbing powder but that is not recommendable most especially when the paste is salty.
– One tablespoon of peppermint extract.

With these three ingredients, you are ready to mix them to come up with a baking soda toothpaste best fit for you.

Direction:baking soda Toothpaste 1b

1. Pour the baking powder in a dish and mix it with four tablespoonful of salt. Mix them appropriately by use of the spoon.
2. After doing that, add about one or two tablespoonful of peppermint extract and continue doing the mixing again by making use of this spoon.
3. The last thing that you need to do is adding water to the paste.

While doing this, ensure that the paste reaches the consistency that you desire. The process is as simple as that. Once you are done with preparation, start clearing the bad breath in your mouth. Always store it in a container next to your toothbrush.


Any side effects of using baking soda toothpaste?

You may experience some baking soda toothpaste side effects with it. However, unlike normal toothpaste, this is not common at all.

  • One of the side effects is you may experience a burning sensation in your throat when you out about your own activities.
  • Secondly, when the burning begins, a lot of saliva builds up in your mouth.
  • The other bad side of baking soda toothpaste is that when you feel your throat burning, you will start having a strange headache. You could also experience as rise of your body temperature and this will make you feel uncomfortable.

Not to worry as there is a solution to such a predicament. When the burning starts you need to make sure that you drink a lot of plain water as soon as possible before it becomes very bad on your side. Gargle as much as you can until you feel the pain subside. However, when other side effects arises, make sure you seek medical help as soon as you can.

homemade baking soda toothpaste


Baking soda toothpaste is the best for you if you are looking not only looking for healthy teeth, but also if you want to experience the freshness of your gums and teeth as well. It is not only used as an alternative but also a preventive measure from teeth destruction.

Help keep your teeth safe and healthy. Use baking soda toothpaste just for that purpose.